God and my personal space bubble…

personal spaceMy son’s first grade class has been talking about “personal space bubbles.” The teacher wants to be sure that the kids are not popping each other’s bubbles by getting uncomfortably close. I appreciate that life lesson. It will serve the kids well in life if they learn to respect others’ bubbles.

However, every once in a while, I wonder if God ever learned about personal space bubbles. Sometimes, I feel like God gets a little too close. God gets in my space and starts to stir things up. For example:

  • A friend calls wanting to talk about a situation she’s dealing with and it triggers an old regret I won’t release.
  • The readings in worship speak directly to what’s been going on in my life or to my own particular failings.
  • Someone offers a prayer that reminds me of a grudge I still hold from years past.

Have you ever experienced that? I admit it, I don’t like it. It would be so much easier if God let me leave that stuff where it is – safe inside my bubble, just under the surface. So much easier…right…

If you’re like me and at times you feel God getting uncomfortably close there is good news waiting. God wants to do something in your life. God has no problem popping our bubbles so God’s love can pour over us. You can bet it’s uncomfortable at first, but just wait. It doesn’t take long for God’s love to make it just under the surface.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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