Hey, disciples! Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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liar_liar_pants_on_fireO.K., maybe it’s over-the-top to call them liars, it’s undoubtedly childish, but the disciples might have earned it this week.

In Matthew 13:31-33 and 44-52, the Gospel for this Sunday, the disciples hear a number of Jesus’ parables. These beautiful passages give us entry after entry into what the Kingdom of Heaven is like in terms to which we can relate – the Kingdom is like yeast mixed with flour, treasure in a field, and a perfect, sought-after pearl. At the same time, these little parables are packed, PACKED with meaning. So when Jesus finishes his teaching and asks the disciples, “Have you understood all this?” and they answer, “Yes,” I just don’t buy it. The disciples are smart, they’re faithful (often), and in today’s Gospel they’re in way over their heads.

I love these parables for what they reveal about God but I also love them for what I don’t understand in them yet. Like all of God’s Word, the parables invite us into an on-going conversation and discernment. If you don’t “understand” everything about the parables, don’t worry! I’m right there with you! God calls us, woos us, and draws us into God’s Word and God’s love without hesitation or condemnation. Join me this weekend as God’s Word draws us in once again…

See you Sunday!
In Christ,
Pr. Rachael

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