It’s blooming all over, kind of-

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jesussowingseedSummer in New Mexico and the color of God’s creation is everywhere. Flowers, trees, everything’s blossoming except, perhaps, in this Sunday’s Gospel.

Maybe you know this one, the parable Jesus tells where the sower tosses all this seed (God’s Word) and only one quarter of it actually lives. Fascinating, isn’t it, that three quarters of the seed ends up dying? It prompts me to wonder, “O.K. God, you’ve called your church to be good soil and toss all sorts of Word seed around. So, you’re telling me that ¾ of our work will fail and I may or may not be part of the ¾ of ground that produces nothing.” That’s not a very encouraging passage.

Yet, what I find even more fascinating in all of this is that the sower doesn’t seem to get the least bit tired. There’s no hint of carpal tunnel settling in. The sower just keeps tossing. He’s tossing seed in every imaginable direction and location – where fear abounds, enthusiasm fades, and hard-heartedness reigns. That’s fantastic news for me and the world. God will keep tossing the Word in my direction regardless of my ability to understand, my mistakes and my fatigue. Whatever your circumstances God’s not going to stop throwing Word seed in your direction either. Could God really be that gracious and persistent? God loves me and gives me hope even when odds are I’m in no shape to receive those incredible gifts?

Grace is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Amen?!

See you Sunday…

In Christ,
Pr. Rachael

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