VBS micromanaging meets God’s grace

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vbsbadgeIt’s Vacation Bible School week at St. Tim’s and I admit: VBS has caused me some stress in the past. I always want VBS week to make an impact, to make a difference for each of the kids God sends us. I used to obsess over every detail. But then I met Sharon, our VBS coordinator extraordinaire…

Sharon sensed my micromanaging VBS obsession and sat me down early in the process. Her words were full of grace and wisdom from years of coordinating activities for kids. “Pastor,” she said, “if the kids have fun and hear that Jesus loves them, it’ll be great.” In that moment I heard the Good News of Jesus in the perfect way. Want to make a difference? Help another person experience joy and tell them Jesus loves them.

In our Gospel reading this Sunday Jesus tells the disciple Peter, “Feed my sheep.” And again, “Tend my sheep.” Jesus doesn’t ask Peter to create the perfect faith experience for every sheep in Christ’s flock, just feed them. Love them.

We’re making a difference this week. The kids are having a blast and they hear over and over again that Jesus loves them. Perhaps God is calling you to make a difference this summer, too. Have you helped someone experience joy? Have you showed someone the love of God? Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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