It’s a dry heat.

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Almost June in New Mexico and it’s getting hot. It is the desert, after all. And while the heat can be a challengedry (I’m not a big fan of 100+ degrees) I’ve found the dry is almost more difficult to deal with. I can’t count how many bottles of “intensive care lotion” I’ve gone through, how much water I down each day, and how many suggestions I’ve received at the salon that I really should try their “dry remedy” for my hair. I’m sure they’re just trying to sell me something, right?

Jesus’ offer of “living water” is always glorious, but this season it means even more. Intensive care lotion may help for a few minutes but it’s not long before I can scratch the word ‘dry’ on my hands again. As the woman at the well in John’s Gospel experienced, when I drain a vessel of water I always have to go for a refill. But God in Christ offers living water in every parched place and a spring of water that bubbles up to eternal life. When Christ offers me forgiveness, hope and love it’s not just for now, it’s forever.

Are you feeling a bit dry? Come to the font and the table. Hear the Word. Sing some songs. Praise God for God’s great gifts. You may just feel a spring of water bubbling up in the parched places of your life. Jesus provides all the free refills you need.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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