“Hi! I’m Jesus.”

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hello i am jesusI can’t remember it all. Like most people I know, I’m busy. I have responsibilities and a full calendar. I love what I do and I’m blessed with incredible people in my life who love me. Still, I often lose track of things – keys, deadlines, Jesus. It baffles me how often I can forget the gift of living every day in the grace of God.

One beautiful remedy God has given me, given each and every one of us, is Sunday morning. Yes, we have the Bible every day, prayer every day, but church is something else. God has gone over-the-top with grace on Sunday morning. God gives us the font to remind us of our baptismal identity, Christ’s body and blood carrying forgiveness and the promise of everlasting life, the gathered community to lift us and love us, music, prayer, and God’s Word all in one shot.

Maybe you’ve been away for a while. Maybe you’re just like me and a full seven days leaves you needing to be reintroduced. Come to worship. God’s love in Jesus Christ certainly hasn’t lost track of you.
See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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