Eating dirt— the work of the Spirit?

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I haven’t lived in New Mexico for very long and I love it. It’s beautiful. But, the spring wind is brutal.wind dirt

A full on sprint from my driveway to the garage couldn’t save me from the 40 mph wind carrying clouds of dirt. I threw myself into the garage only after being covered from head to toe in it. My eyes stung. And worst of all, it got in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but it just stuck to the roof of my mouth. Before I knew it, I re-lived the elementary school experience of biting down on grains of sand. Not an experience I enjoyed the first time. But then it dawned on me…

The Holy Spirit is described as wind, right? A wind that blows where she chooses, when she chooses, with the force she chooses. She may not bring clouds of NM dirt but what she does bring is just as disruptive – strength, hope, discernment, enlightenment, faith, and God’s call into deeper relationship with God and our neighbor. The Spirit calls us to sprint, or at least get moving, deeper into the grace of God.

I’d rather chew on that.

See you Sunday…

God’s Peace,
Pr. Rachael

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