A little ambience, anyone?

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There’s nothing like heading out to a crowded café, restaurant, or local watering hole to chew things over with a friend. The background noise, music, art, etc. encourage vigorous conversation and invite a settling in of body and spirit. It feels good.

In our Gospel reading for Sunday Jesus meets a man named Nicodemus for an important conversation but the ambience is more than a little lacking. Nicodemus comes to Jesus “by night.” Darkness is not a welcoming environment in scripture. Darkness represents all the powers that work against God. In John’s Gospel, darkness signals unbelief. Nicodemus wants to talk with Jesus but he wants to talk from a position of darkness, unbelief, a man firmly planted within the religious authority that is working diligently against the Messiah. Yet, Jesus doesn’t hesitate. Immediately he engages Nicodemus in conversation. Darkness? Not a problem for Jesus. He will meet Nicodemus anywhere and anytime.

If it feels pretty dark where you are, Nicodemus shows us it can’t get too dark for Jesus. He’ll meet you anywhere and anytime. Lent can get pretty dark, all of this self-examination and repentance going on, but Jesus is not afraid. He enters in without hesitation. I’d bet the bank he’s with you now whatever the ambience…

See you Sunday…

In Christ,
Pr. Rachael

One thought on “A little ambience, anyone?

    Linda Walton said:
    March 15, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Pastor Rachel, you always seem to know how to word things. Thank you.

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