It stinks in here. I love it.

Paint CansMy office at St. Tim’s is a few feet from the “community room” where countless gallons of coffee have been consumed and countless spirits have been lifted through loving conversation in Christ’s name. St. Tim’s members, visitors, folks from the community, friends, family, and more have filled that space in love for God and one another. At present it stinks because the ceiling was just painted by a group of kind and capable painters. We’re sprucing things up…reaching out, inviting and hoping. In God’s grace we trust that space will continue to be filled with a love that comes from God and spills over out of each of us to others. We trust that God, through us, will continue to invite joyful, broken, addicted, despairing, successful, uplifted, questioning, and rock-solid- faith-filled folks to St. Tim’s to experience community together in Christ.

It stinks in here. I love it.

See you Sunday…

Pr. Rachael

3 thoughts on “It stinks in here. I love it.

  1. We are truly blessed to have a pastor who is so compassionate and so dedicated😇☺ Thank you for lifting me up and making ”church” such an emotional & enjoyable experience!

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